Deej Phillips
Documentary Filmmaker

Uncovering the human face of the climate crisis.

The Weight of Water: The Human Cost of Climate Crisis

Three emotional stories set in Nepal showing how communities are already being impacted by flooding and drought, all made worse by the injustice of climate change and increasing extreme weather events.

A feature length documentary that portrays Nepali people and climate experts telling their story in their own words for a global audience.

The film was released globally on DW TV and online in four languages. It won best documentary at the Aravali International Film Festival and has been screened at many other film festivals and events all over the world.

Forced to Adapt: India

Anjana, Sreejith, and Dipika are from vastly different regions of India, but all have one thing in common: they are having invaluable impacts on the lives of the people they share their communities with and beyond, by communicating and implementing solutions to adapt to the unjust climate crisis.

A three episode short documentary series available to watch in full on and

Episode 1 - Harvest Mother
Episode 2 - Climate Guardians
Episode 3 - The Mangrove Family

Life After the Flood

During August 2018 the Indian state of Kerala experienced the worst floods in that region for nearly 100 years. Almost one year since then here is Shaji talking about life as a fisherman on the Kerala backwaters, what happened during the floods and some of the problems he, his family and their community now face.

TEDx Countdown

I talk about the human and emotional side of the climate crisis and how we can all do our bit by communicating this to each other better.

This is something I attempt to do through my work as a documentary filmmaker and I love to inform others how they can do the same using their own skillset.

Sattya Collective AMA

Sattya Collective invited me to be the guest on their second episode of "In Conversation with” hosted by Suraj Shakya.


GSG Global Impact Summit

Ravinol and I were invited to screen clips from our documentaries and discuss the power of film to bring impact stories to life.


Peptalk Conferenece

I talk about how any business can start filming their own simple video content to help promote their products and services.


Mongabay feature

An article about the work Neelima Vallangi and I have been doing in Nepal documenting the climate crisis.


About me

Deej Phillips is a British and Indian documentary filmmaker with over ten years of experience, specialising in capturing cinematic footage to tell compelling personal stories. He shines a light on environmental stories with the aim of creating meaningful impact through his films. His work has been seen on BBC, DW, Sky TV and many other international platforms.

Recently, his focus has been to communicate the human cost of the climate crisis through his documentaries. His most recent work was directing, shooting and producing a feature length climate change documentary called ‘The Weight of Water’ filmed in Nepal which won best documentary at the Aravali Film Festival 2022 and long listed for best feature length documentary at the One World Media awards 2022. The film premiered at COP26 in Glasgow and watched over one million times across DW TV platforms.

He has been invited to talk about his work at various events, including a TEDx event in 2020. His films have been screened across the world and have been used as educational tools to encourage a diverse audience to commit to climate action. In 2013 he graduated from Birmingham City University with a Batchelor of Science in Sound and Multimedia Technology. He is passionate about ensuring there is a high level of authenticity in his films, and strives to capture stories from an intimate and engaging perspective.